Increasing competitiveness in the cryptocurrency industry has given rise to many of the various players in cryptocurrencies and crypto trading exchange platforms in this industry. In this review, let’s overview one such online trading platform known as “” and also have a detailed review about what products and services InvestXE trading platform offers to its traders or investors along with its features and highlights.


InvestXE is a unique, burgeoning, and one of the most effective online trading exchange platforms in the investment market. InvestXE can be defined as an all-in-one hub of trading products offered to its users or traders, i.e., under its trading platform hub. It provides trading options in almost all categories, precisely from commodities cryptocurrencies. The outreach of the InvestXE’s platform is over more than 16000 trading markets all around the globe. This vast outreach makes it a lucrative podium and source for the traders or investors. 

In general, it is an easy to understand platform with a very simplified, unified, and abridged interface not only for traders who are novice and beginners but also for traders who are well-versed doyens or veterans in the investment market. 

Features of InvestXE platform

Furthermore, possess some outstanding features, and they are as follows -: 

  • It has a very user-friendly and straightforward interface.
  • It is very much accessible on various platforms.
  • It also provides its traders with best round the clock customer service & support through Chat, Phone Call, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Email.
  • It acts as a guidance tool for beginners to become successful traders.
  • The platform provides its traders with a combination of unsurpassed proficiency or knows how and high-end technology.

Highlighting Factors of InvestXE

  • Tradable Instruments Options – InvestXE lays a palate of various trading tools for its users or investors on its platform with a diverse range of trading products from categories such as:
    • Soft Commodities (e.g., livestock, cotton, sugar, corn, and wheat, etc.)
    • Cryptocurrencies (e.g., BTC, ETH, Litecoin, or other altcoins)
    • Currency Options (e.g. forex, call & put, Vanilla exchange etc.)
    • Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Commodities (e.g., solar, power, biomass, gas, oil, etc.); Precious Metals (e.g., Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.
  • Trading Platforms Reachability – InvestXE platform is very much accessible and compatible on all types of interfaces such as – Online Website; Android Trading App; iPhone Trading App; MarketPro 1.0; Tablet Trading App; Web Trader.
  • Trading Accounts Option – InvestXE offers its users with the following array of trading accounts types option such as:
    • Primary Accounts: In this type of account, investors get access to all essential services in the market. It has three tiers of accounts classification mainly based on BTC funding, and they are namely – Standard Account, Progression Account, and Advanced Account.
    • Professional Accounts: The VIP investors or users get access to all essential services along with some other premium facilities like tighter spreads, trading signals sent to your phone directly through WhatsApp or SMS, bespoke insights, and an invitation to training sessions and VIP events in the market. It has two tiers of accounts classification again, mainly based on BTC funding, and they are namely – Gold Account and Platinum Account.
    • AutoXE Accounts: In this type of account, investor’s or user’s funds will remain in their brokerage account always; therefore, users can start and stop the system as and when they want with an option to choose from a single strategy or work using many of them according to the trader’s choice.
  • Educational Courses Option – InvestXE provides trading course options such as Online Trading Courses & Personal Trading Coaches; that help educate right from novices to experts. These academic courses and training include stocks, indices, commodity trading, crypto leveraging, trading strategies, market trends, etc.

Services of InvestXE

InvestXE platform offers various services for both beginner and expert traders, such as:

  • Facility of In-House Analysts – InvestXE offers service of In–House analyst to its users or traders, i.e., they will act as personalized conversant advisers for each specific users as well as give them discerning advice, save them from falling into Loss pit holes or snares, and inform them with the insiders’ secrets of the trade that only the top troopers are aware of in the trading fraternity.
  • Personal Relationship Managers – Apart from the above mentioned dedicated sales trader and In-House Analyst, InvestXE provides the users or traders with Personal Relationship Manager on their demand. This Manager acts as one point of contact for the user or trader whom they can reach at any point of time with their issues via email, chat, or phone.
  • Dedicated Sales Service Agents – InvestXE also has a service facility for Dedicated Sales Service Agents. They act as a guide or reference tool for users with any of their operational issues. This service is beneficial for new entrant traders in the market as they are the novice ones. These agents provide guidance, help in the enrolling and trading process, handle sales, funding, admin, and more with their proven expertise and years of experience.
  • Personal Trading Courses InvestXE offers educational courses service to its users, i.e., they offer courses like Personal Trading Courses that give insights into the market’s working that helps you understand the trading complexities better with their personalized training.

InvestXE is one of the top rated online trading platforms. It is not only a smart choice for trading amongst the group of the competitors because it not only opens and allows trading for all categories, i.e., commodities, metals, tradable instruments, financial instruments, and even cryptocurrencies but also provides its traders with other exceptional facilities along with customer service support. It also offers its users leading services at a unified platform, which are apt for all traders’ classes.

InvestXE’s trading pool of products comprises a vast range of tradable instruments unsurpassed by most other trading platforms in the market. InvestXE’s jar of services other than it’s offered above mentioned tradable products includes clouted crypto trading services, especially for the traders with short of funding resources for trading even then they want to trade as they need funds for the same. Therefore, after reviewing the InvestXE platform, it can be concluded that this platform is unique in features but at the same time is an innovative platform that both newcomers, as well as experienced old-timer investors, may consider trading with.

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