Darshana Anjara

Darshana is a professional & enthusiastic graduate with good communication skills and self confidence. She is always ready to take on new challenges that come across her way. In her free time, she writes on World Trade news articles and blogs. She is also interested in music, sports and movies.

Tara Morgan

Tara Morgan is a news reporter at FinanceDraft. She worked at some well-known digital publications before joining the FinanceDraft. She covers range of events and news stories from government to personal financing along with rules & regulations. She is an active trader and has sound knowledge of technical aspects of market.

Nancy Harris

Nancy Harris has been a reporter for five years, covering business, politics, technology and more. She is passionate about writing news on finance industry and is a serious travel addict. Recently she has joined FinanceDraft team as a finance news reporter.

David Walker

David Walker is a writer with more than a decade's experience in the wide range of subjects like business, market, entertainment, sports and more. He is passionate for global economy and personal financing. Recently, he joined FinanceDraft team as a full-time news writer and here, he followed his passion i.e. finance.

William Rice

After finishing a journalism degree, William Rice joined FinanceDraft as a news reporter with a focus on the business and finance. He has covered everything from business news to banking news.

Betty Taylor

Betty Taylor is a media and news editor with FinanceDraft. After working as a photo editor she develops an interest in news and current events related to finance industry. She's always contribute stories that spark world. In her free time, you'll find her on the badminton courts.

Jose Ware

Jose Ware is the news editor for FinanceDraft. He's been in this field for more than eight years, having spent most of his career in writing news about finance world. In his free time, he loves to watch videos and movies.