A couple of weeks after it originally detailed a hack, New Zealand-based digital currency trade Cryptopia is still dealing by cyber scammers, as indicated by a recent blog post by a blockchain framework firm Elementus.

The Cryptocurrency trade suspended their services after recognizing a big hack that apparently brought about huge losses on Jan. 15. Cryptopia expressed that the hack happened previously on January 14. The exchange at first expressed that it was experiencing unscheduled support, issuing a few brief updates previously revealing the break.

On January 20, New Zealand-based Elementus detailed that as much as $16 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20tokens were misleadingly stolen. As per the blog report, information on the Ethereum public blockchain shows that investments started to be extracted from Cryptopia’s two main wallets – one holding ETH, alternate tokens on the daybreak of January 13.

In the present post, Elementus says that the assault is proceeding and that cyber scammers have stolen 1,675 ETH ($175,875) from 17,000 Cryptopia wallets, collecting at this location. It further expresses that among the 17,000 influenced wallets are 5,000 which were dumped when the platform was first ruptured, however, have since been refilled.

Elementus says that it was evident that a similar hacker or hackers are in charge of the continued security break, as the assets have been transferred to the location utilized in the initial hack. Both previously mentioned addresses on Ethers can have been hailed for their contribution in the hack, and the site has cautioned that people, in general, ought to continue with alert while communicating with the addresses.

The report infers that Cryptopia does not have authority over its Ethereum wallets, while the cyber hacker still does. Some in the crypto network have noticed this is certainly not a second assault on Cybertopia’s wallets, yet a continuation of the hack. One individual on Twitter stated:

“The nature of the compromise is, the attacker stole their ETH private key and deleted [Cryptopia’s] copy. Same hack, just new histrionic-news cable point to steal your attention if you never learned the basics of how private keys work.”

Recently, a report from blockchain investigation firm Chainalysis expressed that two hacker groups have supposedly stolen $1 billion in the digital currency. As indicated by a report imparted to the Wall Street Journal, two elements have received most of the cash lost in cryptocurrency scams.

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