The Fintech sector has truly exploded over the course of the past decade or so and much of the credit goes to the innovators who have been able to come up with a wide array of highly inventive products. At the same time, the ideas of such innovators have been backed up by generous funding from established companies and venture capitalists in a big way. At the end of the day, any business which is heavily dependent on tech needs some time before it can start earning revenues meaningfully and hence, investment is such an important factor. In a new development, it has emerged that Fintech firm DotPe is all set to raise $10 million from corporate behemoths like Fosun International and PayU. Notably, PayU has acquired a majority stake in the Singapore based Fintech company Red Dot Payment.

The two companies are going to get an equity stake in DotPe following this round of investment and make for an excellent performance from the company in its first-ever financing round. However, that is not all. Sources which are close to the developments have revealed that Indian company Info Edge could also be joining this round of funding. If it does then it will be another star addition of sorts for DotPe. In addition to that, it has also been revealed in some reports that high profile angel investors are also interested in investing in the company. It appears that the whole thing is moving very quickly and announcements regarding the investments could be coming up sooner rather than later. One source stated,

Both Fosun Property and Ahuja Constructions have already initiated the discussion regarding the proposed deal and are expected to finalize the structure soon.

As everyone knows, the Fosun Group is one of the biggest investment vehicles in Chinamakeand over the years, as it has bankrolled plenty of businesses all over the world. Hence, vote confidence from such a well-known investment vehicle is definitely positive for DotPe. On the other hand, PayU remains one of the biggest names in the world of payments, and its decision to invest in DotPe is also a huge boost for the company. The addition of high profile investors is such a big thing since it introduces that company into networks that could help it to grow quickly. Over the years, it has been seen that such investments usually led to more prosperity for a company.

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