LG has set up an AI artificial intelligence research hub for future growth opportunities, including securing future technologies related to human-like algorithms.


LG recently declared its plans of establishing an AI artificial intelligence research hub and, sixteen other affiliates will join its research. LG Electronics Inc., along with LG Chem Ltd., will engage in studying AI solutions. LG plans to invest in its center’s R&D project 200 billion, amounting to $184 million, including employing talented professionals from around the world in the coming three years. The Chief Koo Kwang-mo of LG Group says that the group is putting out all its efforts to make people’s lives valuable beyond technology. They will support so that the hub may operate as the center of the worldwide ecosystem. As per the Yonhap news agency, LG Management Development Institute will engage in the project as the think tank and, its role will include researching several AI technologies ranging from the processing of the deep learning-based natural language to big data analysis.

LG looks forward to the AI center to solve challenges related to business affiliates and go far beyond to calculate the rechargeable batteries’ longevity and discover the new candidates for drug material. LG AI Research is planning on increasing its personnel to 100 by the end of the year. They will include training programs at the center for teams to foster at least one thousand AI experts towards the beginning of 2023.

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