Tesla’s AI Day is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Scheduled for August 19, 2021, this Tesla event will give a sneak peek into the company’s future development. Tesla has already started sending invitations with an event card featuring an interesting image of a computer’s stacked hardware.

The description of the event accessible through the link of RSVP is equally intriguing. The most interesting part of the message is Tesla’s plans in artificial intelligence (AI). Specifically, the invite claims that attendees will get an inside look at Tesla’s plans beyond electric cars. This indicates the company’s ambitious targets to establish itself as a credible force in the field of AI rather than restricting only to the domain of automobiles.

Elon Musk will address attendees during the event and is expected to divulge details about Tesla’s plans. In addition, both software and hardware teams of the company will showcase exciting stuff to attendees. Importantly, prospective buyers who are eagerly waiting for the launch of Model S Plaid will get an opportunity to test drive the car. Tesla will also showcase its progress in the field of neural networking and supercomputing.

It is clear from the recent statements of Elon Musk that the focus of Tesla in the future will not remain limited to automobiles only. It has the ambition to become a prominent AI and robotics organization. To that end, the focus of its future planning will remain on exploring emerging, new-age technologies. The company has already collaborated with the best researchers in robotics and AI and is expected to make big announcements on this front on the AI event day.

Not only in the US but technology enthusiasts across the globe are eagerly waiting for this event. The emotions are running high, which means Tesla has to live up to expectations by announcing some innovative plans for the future.

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