Smartphone maker Samsung has added 12 new DApps to its Samsung Blockchain Keystore. It takes the number of DApps available on the Keystore to 30. The apps sold on the Keystore include social apps, gaming apps, etc.

The DApps Blockchain Keystore and a digital wallet came inbuilt into Samsung’s blockchain-friendly smartphone Galaxy S10.

Samsung has recently released three versions of blockchain-friendly smartphones, Klaytn Phone developed in collaboration with chat app Kakao’s arm Ground X. The first version of Klaytn Phone is a special limited edition Galaxy Note 10 phone-tablet. The other two versions are on its Galaxy Note 5 Plus, with one being 256G model and the other 512G.

The new DApps are:

  1. DarkTown
  2. Yangpa Kisadan
  3. Spookiz Link Puzzle
  4. Crypto Fishing
  5. DozerBird
  6. Axie Infinity
  7. Lyze
  8. Linka
  9. Master Wallet
  10. Reditus
  11. Gotchu
  12. Aergo

Many games are being developed as DApps to address the growing demand for gaming among smartphone users. Games like Plinko may also be launched as DApp in the future.

Samsung’s competitor Apple is also foraying into blockchain technology. It launched a CryptoKit for its iOS 13 release.

Another competitor LG trademarked the ThinQ Wallet for integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Thus, Samsung is a pioneer among smartphone companies when it comes to the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. With the Keystore, it has launched a marketplace for DApps and with the wallet; it has simplified payment in cryptocurrency for users interested in shopping from its DApp store. The use of a digital wallet will cut credit card transaction fees. It will also attract more users to cryptocurrency.

Thus, we can conclude that Samsung has overtaken its rivals and will enjoy a first-mover advantage when blockchain is adopted by large number of people. This will ensure huge benefit to its market value & shares. To know more check out dailyforex.

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